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Why Does Music Make You Emotional?

Why does music makes you emotional? It is something psychologists have been investigating for a long time. But this research is really strenuous because there is whole lot of explanations on this topic! Music really is universal whether you are hearing it through your ears or feeling something […]

Reasons Behind Dreaming

Dreams are stories and images that happens in our temporary and imaginary world that creates while we are sleeping. It can make you feel happy, sad or scared. Some experts say we dream three to six times per night which may forget or remember the next day. Each […]

Why Is It Important To Express Your Feelings?

Researchers has found a small positive correlation between a person’s score on an emotional suppression scale and their mortality risk in study of 111 people in 2013.

It is not clear that they were to die for any reason but it could be that it makes you more likely to choose unhealthy outlets for your feelings like smoking, using drugs, etc.

Do Dogs Have The Feeling Of Love?

As we already know, Dog was the first man’s best friend. They became the first rank of men best friend. Even there is a story for the dog met the men. We also know that dog knows the dogs really knows his owner and owner’s family and other neighbors. They play with his owner with happy, even running towards the owner when he came near. Yes, I come to the question, “Do they have the feeling of love?”