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Denatonium - The most bitter chemical

What Is The Most Bitter Chemical?

Denatonium is the bitterest compound that has ever discovered. It’s usually called Denatonium Benzoate or Bitrex. The salts of denatonium are usually colorless and odorless solids. It is sold under the trade name of Bitrex®. The taste is so strong, however, that most people cannot tolerate a concentration of more than 30 parts per million of denatonium benzoate.


How Optical Brighteners Work?

My clothes, your clothes go about yellow color naturally over time. The yellow color should be overcome to make the clothes reverse back into it’s original. Too easily overcome this yellowing process, some chemicals are added products like paper, plastics, and textiles to make them appear white and […]

Why Do Batteries Taste Sour?

Battery tastes sour but most adults recommend you not to taste any batteries by sticking it with your tongue because as you will cause acute tissue damage to your mouth. When you touch the battery with your tongue, you might feel shocked and might have noticed the battery tastes […]

How Does Laughing Gas Work?

Laughing gas is a kind breathable gas known by many names such as inhalation sedation, nitrous, and nitrous oxide (N2O). It is a colorless, odorless, non-irritating gas. When laughing gas is combined with oxygen, it helps patients to feel more at ease during dental procedures. It was discovered in the late 1700’s […]