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Rijwan Shah

Currently a student at St. Anthony's High School, Imphal Manipur India.

Why Does Severe Pain Make You Vomit?

Vomiting..ahh..ahh most unwanted event. Yeah, it’s possible that pain mostly leads to nausea and that sickly feeling is what makes vomit. And the reasons you vomit while in severe pain is because your body and its nervous system are acting on high alert to keep you alive. Actually, […]

Why Do Batteries Taste Sour?

Batteries taste sour but most adults recommend you not to taste any batteries by sticking it with your tongue because as you will cause acute tissue damage to your mouth. When you touch the battery with your tongue, you might feel shocked and might have noticed the battery taste […]

Why Can’t Some Birds Fly?

Why Can’t Some Birds Fly?…… Though the common ancestor of all modern birds could fly, many different bird species have independently lost their flight. The cassowary is one of approximately 60 living species of flightless birds. They include some species of duck and all species of penguin, secretive […]