FBI Tool [Gather Information From Facebook]

Gget Information about your friends on Facebook (whether their Information is private or exposed) using fbi tool.

You can get every information associated with the account. And this only works when you are friend with the victim account on Facebook.
$ apt-get install git python3 ##(Install git and python3 if you haven’t already installed yet)
$ git clone https://github.com/xHak9x/fbi.git ##(Clone the repositories into fbi directory)
$ cd fbi ##(Head over to fbi directory)

$ chmod +x fbi.py ##(Change the access permission of the file into executable form)
$ pip install -r requirements.txt ##(install this one)

Then Start…
$ python fbi.py ##(open the tool)
*And you are inside of fbi tool*
$help ##(All the commands will be displayed)
*First type token on the terminal*
$ token ##(And login to your account using username & password)

* Then type…
$ python fbi.py ##(Type this one time because you will be kicked out from the tool after you generate the token… )
$ help ##(To see the commands)
$ get_data ##(To gather all the data of your friends)
$ get_info ##(To show the information) *(For this type the username of the ID)
$ dump_id ##(To dump all the ID) *(This will be saved in the /fbi/output directory in text form)
$ dump_phone ##(To get all the phone numbers) *(This will also be saved in the /fbi/output directory in text form)
$ dump_mail ##(To get all the mails associated with the accounts) *(This will also be saved in the /fbi/output directory in text form)
*(You can use bot for auto reaction, auto comments, to delete friends or albums, to accept all friend request, etc. )
$ bot ##(Choose the option provided… and accomplish it)

*(You can remove the token…)
$ rm_token
If you remove token, you can’t gather information anymore until & unless you generate new one…

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Author: Wan


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