Plan To Deliver The First Baby In Space: This Is Indeed A Crazy Plan

“Delivering a baby in microgravity,” this literally sounds crazy but it is the future. One startup has announced to host the first live human birth in space. That’s exactly The Mission Cradle 2024 by Space Life Origin based in the Netherlands.

The team consists of several entrepreneurs and business experts as well as a small team of science advisors.

A short note on Mission Cradle 2024 from the official website:

The next step in our evolution. A pregnant woman will give birth in outer space. Well prepared and safely supported by a medical expert team. Another major step towards Life Beyond Earth.

“It’s a small step for a baby, but a giant baby-step for mankind,” said Dr. Egbert Edelbroek, SpaceLife Origins Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer. A bold yet realistic objective of SpaceLife Origin is the actual birth of the first human baby in space. During a 24-36 hour mission a woman will give birth at 250 miles above Earth, accompanied by a trained, world-class medical team. A carefully prepared and monitored process will reduce all possible risks, similar to western standards as they exist on Earth for both mother and child.

Watch and learn:

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Author: Wan


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