Why Does Music Make You Emotional?

Why does music makes you emotional? It is something psychologists have been investigating for a long time. But this research is really strenuous because there is whole lot of explanations on this topic!

Music really is universal whether you are hearing it through your ears or feeling something like rhythm through vibrations. Music has an evolutionary purpose.

Music could have been a kind of language before we had words or an auditory way to convey what’s usually expressed by movement. But it is really complicated how music influences our emotions.

“Something is going on in our body and brain which is something that is hard to ignore.” For instance, researchers have discovered the differences of heart rates and blood pressure when listening to happy, uptempo, tonal music compared to sadder slower more dissonant music.

Another study suggested, ‘music affected subjects interpretation of facial expressions.’ They recommended happy music made people happy and sad face turns into happy face while sad music made them seem sadder. This seemed to suggest that music was making them feel things and influencing their perception of emotions.

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Author: Wan


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