How Optical Brighteners Work?

My clothes, your clothes go about yellow color naturally over time. The yellow color should be overcome to make the clothes reverse back into it’s original. Too easily overcome this yellowing process, some chemicals are added products like paper, plastics, and textiles to make them appear white and brighter, and they also add these chemicals to the cleaning agents which absorbs into the fabric to enhance the appearance of materials. This additive chemical is called an optical brightener. But how this chemical “optical Brighteners” works? How does it make our clothes appear white and brighter?

There are numerous molecules which act as optical brighteners and that have been used as additive chemicals in cleaning agents. They are fluorescence, which they absorb UV light and emit blue light.

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The blue light helps cancel out the yellow tinge and tricks the eye into thinking the clothes are more white than they really are. It also makes it possible for the clothing to emit more visible light that is being shined on it, making it appear brighter and whiter.


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