Do Squirrels Remember Where They Bury Their Nuts?

You might be knowing that squirrels store food in holes or buried under the ground for utilizing in winter, actually not hibernating but they don’t really like bitter cold weather, so they hunkered down in their drey or den in the winter. But you might have not thought of the fact that squirrels are specifically good at planning for the future? They do plan for the future that’s the reason why they gathered their nuts and buried under the holes or buried under the ground.

Importantly, let’s remember one thing “Not all squirrel buried their nuts”. There is a little difference in the behavior of the gray and red squirrel. The red squirrel doesn’t bury their nuts instead they horde their nuts in pile, on the other hand, gray squirrels do bury their nuts in different places.  

They often gather more nuts than they can be utilized in the winter. They burrow holes with their forelimbs and store their food in different places. But the surprising question is, do they know all the place that they stored their food?

Most cases squirrels stored their collection of nuts according to the taste and odor which makes them easy to find. In fact, they don’t find them but they do find some. It is believed that many a squirrel would forget their buried nuts in random holes because of their fast-paced life of scurrying around.

It is thought that gray squirrels only find 26% of their buried nuts and the majority of the nuts stayed buried under the ground and have the potential to germinate.

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Author: Rijwan Shah

Currently a student at St. Anthony's High School, Imphal Manipur India.

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