Wanna Take A Ride – Boring Company’s First Tunnel

Over the past October, CEO Elon Musk shows a sign of near completion of the construction on his company’s two-mile-long test tunnel in Hawthorne, CA. Now, this seems to be taking shape.

He tweeted on Nov 3, saying the tunnel was “on track for opening party Dec. 10. Will be very one-dimensional,” along with the video of the tunnel’s full length. The public would get a chance to take free rides through it.

The ultimate plan is a network comprising hundreds of layers of tunnels dug out below the greater Los Angeles area. As per the website of the company, one vehicle can hold between 8 and sixteen passengers. Its Website added, the system can also transport individual cars but will prioritize pedestrians and cyclists.

The tunnel walls are equipped with vertical “curbs” to keep the skates in line as they travel, and a walkway for maintenance and emergency exits.

Musk added, there could be 100 levels of tunnels below the streets. “We do expect to, over time, create a network of tunnels under greater LA,” he said. These could be the key to getting around the city very fast.

Until then it's all eyes on the December 10 launch party

In Advance, take a virtual ride:

The speed seems pretty good!  

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Author: Wan


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