Severe Pain Makes Us vomit–Why is it?

Severe pain makes us vomit. What “vomiting“..ahh..ahh most unwanted event. Yeah, it’s possible that severe pain makes us vomit. Pain mostly leads to nausea that sickly feeling is what makes vomit. The reasons severe pain makes us vomit is because the nervous system is acting on high alert to keep us alive.

Actually, severe pain makes us vomit. But the scientists are facing difficulties in finding exactly mechanism links of severe pain and vomit. They have some possible outcomes, one of which involves hormones like adrenaline.

severe pain makes us vomit

When we are in severe pain, we are most likely to subject to shock. This plays a role in our sympathetic nervous system. By causing organs such as the adrenal gland to release hormones which can raise HR, BP, and respiration.

Adrenaline is the hormone which gets our heart pounding before a first date or a big race. This hormone releases when we’re in pain too. By speeding up your breathing and heart rate adrenaline can prepare your body to escape a potential threat.

While preparing this hormone activates a bunch of receptors throughout our body. This includes one type called alpha-adrenergic receptors which may specifically responsible for the pain induced vomiting.

This does not directly taste in humans but in some animals. Activation of these receptors can cause neurons to fire in a brain region called “Area Postrema”. Commonly known as the vomiting center.

When we’re in a ton of pain. That flood of adrenaline could activate a bunch of these alpha receptors and therefore your vomiting center.

While vomiting itself has some pretty clear-cut mechanisms the causes of nausea are still poorly understood. It is really tough to study.  As unlike pain nausea is more than just a physical signal. It’s a full-on physical psychological and even emotional experience. It’s possible that pain mostly leads to nausea and that sickly feeling is what makes vomit.


Author: Wan


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