Internet Addiction Among Youths Leads To Mental Disorders

In today’s world, youths and teenagers are spending most of their time in front of mobile phones and computers either playing games or chatting over social media which cause mental disorders to them. In other terms, they get away from the real worlds.

“Excessive time spent over the virtual world is forced is forced youths to remain secluded from reality,” as per Dr. Ranchna Bhrgava, Associate Professor, Psychiatry and NDDTC AIIMS.

Bhargava added, “It is more prone to boys aged between 14 to 15 in which they develop an imaginary world and tend to confine themselves within that.”

It is found that a child tends to stop interacting or mingling with other child and creates a distance from family members. It is observed that the child lose temper and misbehave when the device is forcefully taken from them.

They said that the parents remain engulfed in their own daily routine work and ignores the child and even fail to realize that a child is developing a mental disorder and it further escalates the syndrome. And they concluded the primary reason behind youths falling prey to mobile games or social media addiction is because of lack of parental supervision.

According to the experts, mental disorder owing to social media and mobile games can be avoided if parents start early supervision.

“The addiction cannot be measured in a particular time frame. It can develop after using even for 3-4 hours of more than 6 hours. It is very important that parents should take their child for outdoor activities, that will help them to keep in pace with the real world,” Dr. Chadda mentioned.

The recently concluded National Mental Health Survey of India estimates current prevalence of mental disorders in the age group 18-29 at 7.39 percent and lifetime prevalence at 9.54 percent.

Source: (NewsD) — Internet obsession among adolescents leading to mental disorder: Experts


Author: Wan


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