Benefits Of Hugging- According To Science

We get hugging every day from someone or the other and it does have benefits. So what are the benefits of hugging? Let’s look through this study and find out the benefits of hugging.

A team led by psychologist Michael Murphy from Carnegie Mellon University studied the benefits of hugging you get when someone hugs you.

They studied 404 healthy adult men and women, who were interviewed every evening for 14 consecutive days.

The participants were asked about their social conflict during the day, hug receipt (the number of hugs they got or didn’t get, during that day) and to describe their positive or negative emotional state.

When the team examines their reply, they conclude that the day which receives a hug experienced cheerful, improved emotional well-being and took less conflict among them compared to those days when conflict took place but no hugs were shared.

“We still have questions about when, how, and for whom hugs are most helpful,” Murphy says. “However, our study suggests that consensual hugs might be useful for showing support to somebody enduring relationship conflict,” Murphy added.

That might seem pretty obvious, but it’s still a significant finding – given everything we know about how conflict can have negative effects on our health.

As the researchers outline in their study, such harm encompasses everything from conflict-related psychological distress to disruptions of our physical health systems, increased risk for psychiatric illnesses, and even morbidity.

With so much on the line, knowing how interpersonal touch can positively affect our emotional state – and therefore our health more broadly – is important research.

Source: (PLOS|one) —- Receiving a hug is associated with the attenuation of negative mood that occurs on days with interpersonal conflict.

Some more benefits of hugging:

  • Hugs enhance Relationships
  • Hugs can lower stress
  • Hugs can lower the risk of heart disease
  • Hugs can boost immunity

Source: (Spa In Spain) — Health Benefits Of Hugging.


Author: Wan


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