What Life forms might take on in other solar systems across our galaxy?

Life on Earth is only one version, and it may be unique in other planets of other solar systems across our galaxy as the accurate combination of elements, the qualities of our orbit, sun and moon are different. No other planet would be exactly the same as Earth.

Carbon-based life is the most common, as it is the fourth most common element in the universe. Hydrogen and helium are the most common elements, the lightest which produced in the first moment after the Big Bang and making up the universe’s baryonic matter. It gives a moderate wet world, most exobiologists agree life would end up being carbon-based.

Iron and silicon are the two most common elements that are solid at room temperature. Silicon can form four bond just like carbon, but carbon is more capable of more stable and varied structure.

Exobiologists believe that silicon-based life might be more possible on worlds and at a higher temperature, unlike Earth. The earliest life on Earth is believed to have metabolized sulphur. On our planet, there are some microorganisms that are able to metabolize arsenic, which is poisonous to all other life. Life is constantly challenging boundaries.

Life may exist in unrecognizable forms, based on other forces (gravity, strong and weak nuclear forces), and even other mediums, like plasma.

On Earth, eyes have evolved at least 40 different times independently in order to adapt to the current environment. Many animals have evolved throughout these years in order to survive.

This idea is known as convergent evolution, and it is just as likely to occur elsewhere in the galaxy as it has on Earth. And just as we must see, hear, move, eat, and every other function life takes on, so will the life forms we discover on other worlds. Alien life might be something other than carbon-based, but it will still have many of the same needs.

 Source: (Medium)–How Different Might an Alien Intelligence Be From Us?

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