Reasons Behind Dreaming

Dreams are stories and images that happens in our temporary and imaginary world that creates while we are sleeping. It can make you feel happy, sad or scared. Some experts say we dream three to six times per night which may forget or remember the next day. Each dream may last 5 to 20 minutes. It is also believed, 95% of dreams are forgotten the next day. It can help you learn and develop long-term memories.

Scientists have been finding and studying why we dream and still, we aren’t 100% sure about our dreams but there are several theories that explain why we dream.

According to some studies, researchers say dreams have no purpose and are nonsensical activities of sleeping brain. Others argue dreams are necessary for mental, emotional and physical health.

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There are several explanations of dreaming being explored by the scientists. These include:

  • representing unconscious desires and wishes
  • interpreting random signals from the brain and body during sleep
  • consolidating and processing information gathered during the day
  • working as a form of psychotherapy

Some experts mention, dreams exist to help solve problems in our lives, incorporate memories and process emotions.

It remains unknown. They are by nature difficult to study in a laboratory, but technology and new research techniques may help improve our understanding of dreams.

Watch this video to understand more about this topic.

Source: MedicalNewsToday.

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