You Fall Ill After The Exams—- Why Is It So?

Probably, you tend to fall ill after the exam because you’ve changed your dwelling style as the exams play a very important role in life, the students put more work on the revision of the exams, they don’t sleep ahead of the exams, studying late at night and even fail to remember for dinner as they have tension about the exams. We fall ill because our immune system responds to stress.

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That lack of sleep can lead them to be more susceptible to illnesses, even if you were to treat your body with diet or any other food supplement. A study of 153 healthy volunteers shows.

The volunteers were given a dose of rhinovirus – one of the main causes of the common cold. People who had less than seven hours sleep a night were three times more likely to develop a cold than the people who got more than eight hours.

It’s natural for us to worry and get stress about the exams. But this stress could be causing us to get ill once we’ve finished being tested. A study from the 1980s took blood samples from medical students a month before their final exams and on the day of their exams. They found that on the day of the exams when students were more stressed out, they had significantly lower levels of natural killer cells. These natural killer cells play a big part in fighting off illness.

The first thing your body does when it’s stressed is activating its fight-or-flight response.  This response has an immediate effect on the immune system as well as it affects a bunch of hormones. But it increases in cortisol the stress hormone that bumps in cortisol, which helps signal for a shift from a more generalized immunity to a response that’s aimed at a specific pathogen.

When an invader gets into one of your cells it’s labeled as a foreign particle that identifies it as not you then your body tries to attack it right away. This process is called cellular or cell-mediated immunity.

But it’s hindered under stress instead your body signals for an increase in something called humoral immunity. This is the site of your immune system that makes proteins to fight specific pathogens but instead of kicking in right away it takes a few days since your body has to make enough of those proteins.

Meanwhile, while you’re under pressure, the rise in cortisol and other stress hormones can protect you against the perception of pain, which is helpful in the moment because it can help you reach safety in a dangerous situation without being hindered by pain, “After a stressful period has passed, the body returns to a state of normality and many of the systems that were activated calm down,” Similarly, that post-stress drop in cortisol could trigger a flare-up of other forms of chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.


Stress alone and lack of sleep is not the only factor that causes illness after exams, there are other factors like poor diet and a lack of exercise during exams can easily lead to illness.

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