Why Is It Important To Express Your Feelings?

Everyone feel things around them, and sometimes those emotions are so strong that made you laugh, cry or scream.
It’s often healthy to just let those feelings out, there’s evidence that expressing your emotions and connecting with the emotions of others is good for you both physically and mentally.
Researchers have found a small positive correlation between a person’s score on an emotional suppression scale and their mortality risk in a study of 111 people in 2013.
It is not clear that they were to die for any reason but it could be that it makes you more likely to choose unhealthy outlets for your feelings like smoking, using drugs, etc.
Other research has also suggested, how you handle angry and hurt feelings to aggressive behavior which is also generally not great for your overall well-being aggressive and angry people are more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease and are at higher risk of heart attacks.
Aggression is related to higher rates of anxiety and depression and while it might seem obvious that people who aren’t great at controlling their anger are more likely to experience aggressive outburst it turns out that folks who try to suppress their angry feelings too much can also end up being more aggressive.
This might be because suppressing your negative feelings makes you feel worse in the long run which in turn makes it harder for you to make good decisions and pushes away the people who care about you.
Other studies have connected emotional expression that can influence your health and relationships like anxiety and stress or risk-taking.
It’s not just about how often you’re laughing or crying appropriate emotional expression is also about perceiving the emotions of other people, this is sort of summarized by a psychological concept called emotional intelligence.
The emotional intelligence person includes their ability to interpret and control their own emotions as well as recognizing and understanding the emotions of others.
Researchers are actually trying to study the underlying neuroscience, so far emotional intelligence has been connected to activity in the brain areas involved in the circuits that process emotions like the amygdala-prefrontal cortex and anterior cingulate cortex.
Emotional intelligence is linked to better mental and physical health and your emotional intelligence can dramatically affect your communication with others whether they be friends family or even business partners that are because emotions provide important data in a context that influence your interactions with other people.
Psychologist David Caruso he told that emotional intelligence is an ability basically it’s a skill that can help you communicate better when you’re in touch with your own emotions you’re not only better able to manage them you’re also better able to empathize with the emotional experiences of others which can help you develop better relationships in business and at home.
But psychologists may debate whether or not you can really get better at emotional intelligence research has found that training can improve your ability to identify and manage emotions and according to career so there are definitely strategies you can use to make it easier to use emotional information when communicating.
Researchers showing that being open to your emotions and those of others can improve
relationships and individual health.
This article is gleaned from theSciShow Psych youtube video. If you want to have a watch, here is the video is given in the link.
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