You’ re Always Forgetting- The Real Reason

You’re about to go somewhere but you forget where you’ve kept your keys. It is the most unwanted thing we humans have got.

Psychology can explain why it happens. One third to one-half of young people consider themselves forgetful, doing things like frequently misplacing objects or forgetting names or faces.

People who believe they have control over their memory tend to be less forgetful than those who think forgetfulness is just an irreversible part of getting old, and how you think about your memory problems may also have an effect.
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Also, forgetfulness can happen if you’re not paying attention. Memory training and learning specific strategies can improve your recall. To remember information, you have to do the encoding.  That’s where you store the information you’ve just gained — like, the location you’re putting your keys — into your brain’s short-term storage or working memory.
People who are less prone to everyday cognitive lapses, whether because of genetics or otherwise, don’t tend to have this problem as often. They’re better at remembering the right spot and forgetting the others — a phenomenon called retrieval-induced forgetting.
This article is written by taking the ideas from SciShow.
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