Drinking Beer After Workout or Exercise- Is It Good?

It is usually seen athletes finish a big event and then immediately crack open a celebratory beer.Related image

The beer has water electrolytes and simple carbs just like your typical sports drink but the alcohol in it makes beer a pretty terrible choice if you want to reap the full benefits of your workout. After exercising you feel thirsty because you’re dehydrated so you need something nice and refreshing to replenish your fluids.

When researchers have compared the hydrating effects of beer to water and water usually comes out on top even against low alcohol beers. And that’s because it might quench your thirst in the moment beer is still a diuretic it makes you pee more than the same amount of water.

Research has suggested that the alcohol in those beers can damage your muscles kind of defeating the purpose of working out. In 2014 study researchers had eight physically active men come to a lab three times to perform a series of workouts then they consumed a set of drinks that contained either protein and alcohol or carbs and alcohol and they found that drinking alcohol led to a reduction in myofibrillar protein synthesis. Their muscles weren’t rebuilding as the generation of proteins like actin and myosin that make for bigger stronger muscles are reducing.

From a similar experiment with the same eight men in 2016 revealed the post-workout alcohol triggered apoptosis a cell death and breakdown process meanwhile when they refrained from the booze they had an increase in new mitochondria signaling that they were recovering,

Alcohol impairs recover a 2014 review study ultimately discouraged athletes from drinking after games or workouts but did admit that having a small amount in celebration is probably fine they concluded that less than half a gram per kilogram of body weight or about three beers for an average adult male probably wouldn’t affect recovery too much.

The article is generally taken from Scishow- Is it good to drink beer after working out? If you are interested in, you can enjoy it.

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