A New Water Bottle Fully Decomposes In Just 3 Weeks Has Inveted “The Plastic Less Bottle”

A British Scientist ‘James Longcroft’ has invented a plastic-free, single-use water bottle named ‘CHOOSE’ that can decompose within three weeks. He has spent a year developing the Choose Water bottle from his kitchen table.

The Durham University chemistry graduate, from Fulham, says his new design could help curb the eight million tonnes of plastic that are dumped in the sea every year.

The developer James Longcroft, aims to replace the plastic bottle to help save the world’s oceans from plastic waste.

main article imageIt is made from non-toxic, sustainable and natural materials, and is essentially a paper bottle with a waterproof liner. It is completely biodegradable materials.

The water in the bottle can’t reach the paper casing and cause it to break down. The inner lining is waterproof made with a composite material, while the outer lining of the bottle is made out of recycles paper donated by businesses. When the bottle is submerged in water or left in the landfill the paper will start to decompose, followed by the internal layer.

 The constituents of the bottle can fully decompose within three weeks when left in water or landfill, and can be eaten by sea creatures, the company told Business Insider in a statement.

Plastic usually takes hundreds of years to break down.

Longcroft, who lives in Scotland, is still waiting for patents and started crowdfunding for the bottle on Monday. He has set a goal of £25,000 ($US34,000), of which he has raised about £8,000 ($US11,000) so far.

He believes the shelf-life will be the same as regular bottled water. The cost of producing his bottle will be about 5p more per unit than single-use plastic.

Mr. Longcroft set up Choose Water two years ago as a bottled-water firm that would give all profits to a charity — Water For Africa. He stopped selling plastic bottles last year after researching the impact single-use plastic has on the environment. He now needs £25,000 of investment, which he hopes to crowdfund.

He hopes to see the bottles available in stores by the end of the year, and that they will be sold for about 85p and 90p (about $US1.2) so that they become a viable alternative to plastic, according to The Times.

Business Insider asked Choose Water to test one of the water bottles, but they said no because they don’t want anyone to be left alone with the bottle in case they steal its secrets.

There are at least 50 million metric tonnes (55 US tons, or 50,000 kg) of plastic in the world’s oceans, EcoWatch reported. An emaciated whale washed up in Spain earlier this year with 29 kg of human trash, including plastic bottles and cans, lodged in its stomach.

Further reading on Evening StandardScienceAlert.

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